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Argument against Russel Wilson (1 Viewer)


FBG projections have Russell Wilson lower than a lot of normally tier 2 guys for the past several weeks. So what's the deal there? What is the argument for starting the likes of Terrell Pryor, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith over Wilson? I'm kind of confused about the reasoning behind fading Wilson. Maybe i'm missing something.

I'm probably going to start Pryor over Wilson vs SD defense. I think it's just that week to week it's very hard to predict game scripts for the Seahawks, how much Wilson will actually throw, whether he will get any passing TDs vs whether Lynch will run them all in. Even when he had his 4 TD game vs the Jags, 2 of those could easily have turned out to be rushing TDs. The other thing is that, apart from the end of last week's game, like Kaepernick, he's just not running much this year. So while Wilson is a terrific real life QB, for fantasy he's on a run first team, that doesn't need him to throw necessarily to win - he's a high variance, high upside guy, but he also has a very low floor which can kill you in a matchup. And that makes him tough to start over a number of QBs who are more likely to at least put up serviceable numbers every week.

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The read-option is dead, which makes him nothing but a game manager. :shrug:

That's good for a football team, bad for a fantasy one.

Considering Hoyer or Bradford over Wilson this week. Hopefully Wilson turns it on later in the year like he did last year.

The read-option is dead, which makes him nothing but a game manager. :shrug:

That's good for a football team, bad for a fantasy one.
He ran for 70 yards last week. He can still get rushing stats without the read-option. And he tied the record for most TD passes by a rookie last year against less than 10 interceptions. I wouldn't write him off yet, and definitely not under the faulty premise that he was nothing but a game manager unless the read-option is working.

Seattle is a run first team and has a patch work O-Line right now. If memory serves me right he only attempted five passes in the first half vs Hou.

Not a great FF QB this year so far.

Seems like i am just under-reacting to what's happened so far i guess. Was just looking at the colts defense stats, and they do look pretty rough. Maybe Wilson isn't a great play after all

I'm gonna stick with him a few more weeks. My only other option at this point is Dalton or picking up a Hoyer/Manuel/Pryor.

I will probably pick up Hoyer anyway just to CMA but still play Wilson for the time being.

This week does not look to good but this year seems extremely volatile in how most of the teams are performing week to week. Which Indy team shows up, the one that shut down SF on the road or the one that lost to Mia at home? Their other two games were against Oak and Jax so I really don't put much stock into those.

I listened to the experts and other peoples advice in the AC to play Dalton over him in week three when he was going up against Jax and Dalton had GB even though my gut told me Wilson would have a good game, I'm not sitting him again until he puts up stinker after stinker after stinker and maybe one more stinker just to be sure.

Sometimes everything gets over analyzed to death and the right play isn't always what looks best on paper, I think He will pick it up soon. Seattle's schedule opens up after this game and I have to believe with that defense Russell will start getting some short fields to work with a little more often.


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