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ArmchairGMs - 10 Team Dynasty League / Sleeper App / $100 + $5 Admin Fee (1 Viewer)



10 Team Dynasty League / Sleeper App / $100 + $5 Admin Fee

Open spots available for a 10-team dynasty league on Sleeper.

Roster –

  • 1 QB
  •  2 RB
  •  2 WR
  •  1 TE
  •  4 Flex (W/R/T)
  •  1 SFlex (Q/W/R/T)
  •  1 K
  •  1 D
  •  10 BN
  •  5 IR
Draft is 8/29 6:30pm MST (Always the day after the last preseason game. Combined Rookies/Vets.)

Snake draft, 3rd round reverse. 1 hr picks. Paused during sleeping and working hours. Fees due before draft. First year is $210 (for 2 years) and $105 each year after (paying for the next year).

First Place - $700               Second Place - $200         Third Place - $100             Admin (co-commish) - $50

Money is collected and paid through LeagueSafe

Voted co-commissioner handles all admin duties and receives $50 (from admin fees) + plus any winnings during regular payout period.

FAAB except on game days.

Mark, the commissioner, is work from home data analyst that has enjoyed NFL since 1996. Fantasy since 2010 and been a Sleeper app league commissioner since 2019 (recovering Yahoo user). I’m heavily involved during the regular season and we have a co-commissioner to handle the admin duties in the off-season. The league is committed to being active and up-to-date, year-round.

Ideal members will have only 1 (or only a few) leagues that they manage.  Always sets their lineups. Actively engages in trades and FA. Can give and take friendly banter and has 10+ years of NFL experience.

Only sports and life talk. No religion, race, politics or hot button issues.



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