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As a child, things you thought you'd have to deal with more in your adult life (1 Viewer)


- grunt work. didn't think one could skate thru without going to school or being a crim. every time i've worked my ### off it's been at something i'd rather have been doing than beachballing on Bali and, at times when not much was going on, i always found a chill gig. broke now, of course, but even that aint as bad as i thought.

- pollution. most rivers and some cities (Pittsburgh was blacker'n a headbanger's t-shirt in the 60s) were just awful widdat when i was coming up. and i never imagined we could fix that hole in the ozone.

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Charlie Steiner

I did think this would be a big future problem back when I first read about them.
I don't know which publication it was, but some magazine was predicting they would reach my part of the country by the end of the 70's.

I also vaguely remember some consternation from some of my parents' friends when they learned Charles Manson was going to be eligible for parole in 1978.



I also thought that if I was lazy and didn't apply myself I wouldn't get anywhere.  Turns out anyone can practice law.



I was deathly terrified of cops from the time I was 3 or 4 years old. I assumed adults got arrested constantly and had to argue themselves out of prison.



Letters, stamps, envelopes... In my head my parents were constantly mailing something to someone. What needed to go to the mailbox was discussed daily. I probably haven’t used a stamp this year. 

Eta: but the right answer was definitely cursive. Can’t believe how much time we spent on it. You can stop immediately, even for college. 

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Deciding what fun things to do with all the free time you'd have since you wouldn't have to go to school or have homework.



Getting fired

Asking my boss for a raise

My boss and his wife coming over for dinner

My wife being jealous of my secretary 


Mr. Know-It-All

1. Learning Russian, alas we never were invaded.

2. Learning Chinese, same as #1.

3. Figuring out how to balance being a state patrolman, a professional baseball player and a fighter pilot.  Surprisingly none of these came to fruition.


comfortably numb

I better get real good at algebra.  I was worried people at the store would get mad if i held up the line because i wasn't fast enough at algebra 

If my flying car would fail and just suddenly fall hundreds of feet to the ground 

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going to church

flying cars

duck & cover

rabbit ear antenna

giant insects

cigarette smoke

being married to 1 person

roller derby

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Cursive. You lied to me elementary school teachers!
I would say writing by hand in general nowadays. I can’t remember the last time I had to hand write anything more than a birthday card. If I did, I probably couldn’t read it. 



Big Foot tv shows and stories were popular in the late 70s.  The commercials were enough to give me nightmares.  One commercial in particular had Big Foot smashing it's arm through a picture window to snatch a girl off of a couch.  :shock:  

Add grizzly bears and sharks for me.


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