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"Ask tipandpick"--Week 15 Edition (1 Viewer)

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John Lee

You know the drill...get your questions in this thread--thanks!

For those of you who missed the original thread, you pose your DFS question(s) in this thread, download the Periscope app, follow @tipandpick, and watch me answer your question(s) LIVE at 11 AM (EST) on Periscope on Sunday morning.

Be sure to include the following information with each question:

  • DFS site you are playing?
  • Game format (cash, GPP, hybrid)?
  • Salary of the player(s) in question?

To download Periscope:

iPhone/iPad/Mac download link: https://itunes.apple...d972909677?mt=8

Android download link: https://play.google....e.android&hl=en

After downloading the app, just follow me (@tipandpick) and you will be able to see/hear my responses to each of your questions in the 11th hour, literally, on Sunday mornings!

Hi John

Missed last week.

Where do you get your "last 3 games" stats?

Also, your thoughts on AJG and Julio.

I know AJG goes off on the road, but is AJM kryptonite or decent backup

Julio- I know JJ is elite, but his QB is dealing with something physical or mental and has sucked the last month plus. Does JJ transcend the QB play and remain elite vs Jax?

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Its the time of year where some teams have given up and others are resting for the playoffs. In general, how do you approach otherwise appealing QBs like Cam Newton in these situations? On the other end Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers? And how does it change your analysis of anyone playing against these teams, like the Giants against Carolina and Kansas City against SD this week?

DK Cash

Looking to go cheap at TE and trying to decide which guy for $3100 and under:


V Davis



West if Ware is out or D. Robinson?

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FD Cash specific ...

QB ... just roll out Wilson and call it a day?

RB ... Fade AD to upgrade at WR2/WR3, while using D Johnson/Robinson or D Johnson/West (If Ware is out)

WR ... Julio AND Calvin needed or Julio/Maclin/a Floyd or J Brown or a Lockett

I arrive at ...


D Johnson/D Robinson (Prefer over Miller)



MI Floyd




Hard to pass on AD and he is an easy swap with Calvin for Mi Floyd or John Brown

Your core cash guys on FD ... top 3-4?

Too much Cardinal for cash with Palmer/Johnson?

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Assuming Moncrief is ruled out, Andre Johnson OK for cash games or just a GPP play? I believe he's 5300 and the last time he played his former team he lit them up. Haven't seen anyone talk about him as a punt option.

Do you like Bolden at 5500 on FD as much as you like him on DK for cash games? With West at 5900, Denard/Hightower at 6300, and of course D. Johnson at 6500, there are nice options in the bin. Mix and match these guys in cash games, maybe with some Peterson, and keep it that simple?

Any weather worries today? Rain and win expected in the west northwest.

Draft Kings. Cash.

I know you like them both but what would be the justification for going Newton ($7,800) over Wilson ($7,000)?

Thanks for everything. Great week last week with your help!


Going back to the well again.......Any changes to team totals this morning that have you rethinking those players involved?


FD Cash: David Johnson or Denard Robinson? Also FD Cash, I have Forbath at K but have the cap space to pay up for Hauschka. Pay up or sit tight? Thanks John.

Rhinory29 said:

WR - $$$ CASH $$$

* Hurns or A-Rod. ??

* Tate or C. Johnson ??


* White or Bolden ??

* Do you trust M. Jones ( Washington )


* What games would you target most @ 1pm games only. Thanks

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FD: Cash and Gpp

What low cost WR do you like most?

Micheal Floyd $6100

Willie Snead $6000

Tyler Lockett $6000

Rueben Randle $5600

Malcom Floyd $5600

Also, from a strategy perspective how many different gpp line ups do you typically have in play?


What are your thoughts on Palmer in DK cash? I'm also stuck between Watson and Julius Thomas at TE. Thomas only $100 cheaper, and I like Watsons matchup better, but my gut is telling me Thomas.


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