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Assuming you would choose Bush at 1.01 in fantasy (1 Viewer)

Where does Bush have the most fantasy impact within 3 years>

  • New Orleans

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  • Tennessee

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  • NY Jets

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  • Green Bay

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  • San Francisco

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The Dude

If you had 1.01 and thought he was the top pick, where would you prefer he end up? I didn't add an other but if you have one, go ahead and list a reasonable alternative.

Green Bay has a crappy o line and I would rather see Gado emerge as a stud. That way we have two choices at RB in fantasy....... joking of course.....

NY has a guy on his way out that will teach Bush the "little" things it takes to be in the NFL. No one is questioning Bush's talents but Martin will be a great mentor to teach him the things he doesn't all ready know. Martin has been influenced by some of the great coaches of the NFL, Parcells, Belli, and Edwards. Bush deserves to be in NY anyway where they can market the crap out of him.

Obviously it's up in the air as to where he will end up. But as someone who owns the #1 pick in the rookie draft, I think this is a positive for Bush's performance this year. Dom Davis was going to eat into his yardage, but Bush may now be going somehere where he will get more carries; and perhaps a better o-line.


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