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Atlanta at Carolina (1 Viewer)

Jackson rush TD brought back for holding.

When Falcons offense is on the field, should rename the red zone the Bermuda Triangle because the Falcons certainly disappear often when they enter

Cam misses a pretty wide open Smith. He'd like that one back.. And he hits Smith for a 20+ gain on the next one..

With Stewart back, it is RBBC from hell again in Carolina. Deep down, didn't we all know this was coming? :lol: So glad I stayed away this year.

Wow nice interception.

Not listening, but they showed Steve Smith, was he the intended target and ran the wrong route?

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Not a bad throw. He was throwing to a spot on that play, the back pylon. Smith must of been jammed or tripped or something.

Not the type of play that's usually intercepted either. Nice catch.

Panthers have a chance to get a wild card spot but it's going to be tough.

If they get in, this team is built to win it all.


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