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Auction (1 Day)-Dynasty-Startup (1 Viewer)


So, this is more of an inquiry as to who would be interested in starting a dynasty league, with the initial players allocated via auction.

I can't afford to do a slow auction (checking in 8 times a day for 15 minutes each time) but I can schedule a draft for Sunday August 26th, or 19th, and dedicate ....four?....hours to the actual draft. I'll list important details below, but if you have any questions or recommendations let me know. Here's what I have in mind:

Buy-in: $40 (including MFL fee divided by 12)

MFL site costs $90 and is far and away the best site I've found in my 8 years of FF experience.

Yes, Leaguesafe will be employed with this league.

$400 cap to acquire 24 players

Taxi/Practice Squad of 5 (after year one)

3 Divisions of 4

4 teams make playoffs (Week 15 & 16)

Decimal Scoring

Roster Starters (Limits):







Scoring: 4 point Passing TDs

.04 per passing yard

-2 per INT

6 Rush/Receive TD

.1 per Rush/Receive yard

.2 per reception

I'm obviously missing some details (to be added soon), but this is the core.

Divisions can be configured randomly.

The players are on your team until a time where they retire, cut by the owner, or traded by the owner.

ajleszma@hotmail.com for questions.

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