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Auction Keeper Strategy (1 Viewer)


I am in a 10 team auction keeper league, where you can keep 4-8 players.  $200 cap.  PPR, 1 pt per 25 yds passing and 4 pts per TD pass.  1 pt per 10 yds rushing/receiving.

20 player roster. You can start 1QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D and 2 superflexes.  That's right, you can start 3 QBs.

I am keeping the following players at $113 of my cap.

Big Ben, Prescott, Fournette, Julio, Henry, Lewis, and Gronkowski

I won the league last year, and my team's nucleus is getting older.  I need to keep playing to win now.

Here are the best players that are up for bid......

QB - Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Stafford.   Rodgers went for $52 last year, and Brady went for about $40.  I would expect Brees to be around $37 and Stafford around $30.

RB - Barkley, McCaffrey  - winning bid for both of these will likely be in the mid 30s.

WR - Cooper - winning bid should be around $30

My plan is to spend big on one of these players.  Given that I have only $87 of cap space to spend on 13 players........which player do you think I should plant my flag and spend big on?  Lineup isn't a constraint.  This player is going to be in my lineup.



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