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Auction League - No Keepers (1 Viewer)

Ray Pollett


12 Teamer

No Keepers

Fees: $100.00

13 : payouts

League Champion gets $500.00

League Runner up gets $300.00

High Score for each week for week 10,11,12, and 13 gets $50.00

Most points weeks 1-13 gets S140.00

Teams manned by auction

FAs picked up by Auction

Each team gets 350 CBs for season – Spend them as you wish to man team and get FAs.

You can leave message here or contact me at: rpollett@hotmail.com

Take Checks or Money orders – do not do PayPal.



What would Lemmy do?
I've been in this league for two years and love it -- lots of different strategies and the auction style is, IMO, by far the best way to draft...


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