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I've been doing an auction league for 21 years, and I have (had) a pretty firm grip on what players from each position and tiers will go for.  However, this year, our league is changing our keeper rules so that fewer players will be kept, thus changing the amount of money each team has available AND the amount of players each team will need to acquire in the auction.  I'm finding it difficult to be as certain in my predicted prices that certain players will go for. 

Can anyone recommend sites that have auction values (preferably from REAL auctions, but mocks will do)?  I've always found that the generic auction prices many sites list aren't as valuable and I'd prefer to see the results of some actual auctions (and while I'd prefer to use my knowledge of my league and leaguemates to assign my predicted values, with the changes we're making, I'm hoping I can get some more information to help me set those values).


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