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Audible LIVE! 6/27/2013 10pm ET (1 Viewer)

Hey guys love the show. Don't know which should be more R rated. Virtual Sigmund heavy breathing and scrubbing the carpet or Virtual Dr. Jene claiming "I still like Johnson". :)

Ok for reals though.

In Dynasty leagues what is the average amount of time you give a player to prove he is who we thought he is or going to be?? Like Ryan Mathews?? Or Greg Little. ?? Does it depend on the position?? So would you say QB's (3 Yrs) and WR's (2 or 3 yrs), RB's (4 yrs) . I mean there are always exceptions to the rule. Brandon Lloyd comes to mind. What say you?

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In a year with very few sure TEs, I think Brandon Pettigrew is being underrated in PPR leagues (ADP of TE15 in PPR). Fantasy football is ultimately a game of statistics and he has historically received a ton of targets despite his drops and mistakes on the field. He had 59 receptions last year (missing 2.5 games) and in the 2 years prior to that had 83 and 71 receptions. He's not going to be a fantasy stud due to a lack of touchdowns but his receptions have made him a pretty steady, safe option from week to week who won't disappear and drop a 0 for your team.

My question is do you think he will get less targets and receptions this year for any reason (personnel changes like the addition of Bush, the Lions being fed up with his drops and mistakes, etc.)? If not, is he being overlooked in PPR? Are people overemphasizing his drops and mistakes and overlooking his pure statistical output? Also, let's not forget he's in a contract year.

Maybe people are worried about Mikel Leshoure stealing Pettigrew's targets? (insert motorboat sound bite)

Hello Football Guys

Could you please give me your thoughts on this:

What players who have changed into Offensive Systems that are VERY different from the ones they came from, do you feel are so damn talented that they will NOT be affected by a more negative system in regards to their skill set. And the reverse, which players do you feel will really be hampered by a new System that does not suit their skill set, regardless of their talent level.

Also, do you feel that Jake Locker could have 3500 yards and 25 TD at seasons end?

Thanks for your time fellas


With the Patriots tight end issues and lack of a proven #2 wr, will Brady be able to keep defenses from stacking the box against the run?

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If ball becomes the starting RB in denver for the start of the season , how many receptions would you project ?

Hey guys, Love the show! (I never miss the Audible or On the Couch!)

I play in a 12 team Non-PPR standard scoring league with an interesting starting lineup. We play 1QB, 1 RB, 1WR, 1TE, and 2 FLEX (1K, 1Def).

So, in the past I have targeted RBs heavily and try to start 3 RBs each week with just 1WR. I have typically waited on QBs and have been sucessful some years, but have struggled in recent years. QBs tend to go early in this league, and I project about 6 QBs taken in the first 3 rounds this year.

What would be your draft strategy in a league like this and Why?

Thanks Again


KC: Is it going to be more than just the Charles/Bowe show (IDP a separate issue)?

For the good doctor: What's your take on Justin Hunter. You are very cautious with players who get repeated soft tissue injuries, any history here to worry about?

Virtual Sigmund gets a lot of love, but we (already) feel more awesome a minute after real Sigmund offers an opinion: You are on the record for offering five cents on the dollar on Hernandez in dynasty. Conviction is obviously a ways away but potential jail time is well beyond probable active career, unlike Vick.

Is this really a good gamble?

How does your draft strategy change for the Yahoo Pro Leagues, which have 10 teams, no PPR, start 2 RB, 3 WR, and no Flex. Do you still recommend going RB heavy early even though only 20 RBs start each week? The customized draft list for these leagues really pushes QB up the board. Rodgers is the #4 player using FBG Official Projections.

QBs get 4 points per TD and -1 per INT in these leagues.

Hey guys, love the show, new to the Shark Pool board.

I have a couple offers currently sent my way in a Dynasty league, both involving Larry Fitzgerald. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the two offers... which one is better? Is either one worth taking?


Arian Foster (I have Ben Tate, not included in this offer)

Larry Fitzgerald

Chris Givens


Jamaal Charles

Demaryius Thomas

Ben Roethlisberger



Aaron Rodgers

Larry Fitzgerald


AJ Green

Colin Kaepernick

PPR Dynasty League / 1 QB / 3 WR / 2 RB / 1 FLEX


Hey guys!

One of the articles I read today on FBG addresses strength of schedule for every team. Does SoS play a factor for you when drafting, especially with some more extreme examples such as Carolina in 2013 facing very weak defenses over the last 6 games of the season?

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Question for Bloom here,

When talking to Dave Richard in your latest installment of On The Couch I noticed you seemed to struggle with the words "Big Workhorse"(about 29:37 minutes into show) when you said, "Le'Veon Bell could be the next big work..hor..se for the Steelers."

When the name Le'Veon Bell enters your mind what do you see or think of?

Big Workhorse Dud - or - Big Workhorse Carpet Scrub?

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