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Backyard Brawl Playoff League (1 Viewer)


I run 5 dynasty leagues called Backyard Brawl which I've been commishing since 2004. I'm running this playoff league for a second year this season.

Buy in is $50. If use paypal, please send $52 to cover the paypal fees.

100% will be paid out as follows:

1st place - 60%

2nd place - 30%

3rd place - 10%

Each team will select 18 total players for ALL OF THE PLAYOFFS. It's possible for one NFL player to be on all teams in the league. You're not required to submit a full lineup during any week should you not have enough players still playing in the PLAYOFFS.

You pick up your team on waivers. Starting with kickoff of the first playoff game on Saturday January 7th, all waivers will lock.

Each week, you'll need to work to field a max of 10 starters (optional to fill the max) filling the following starting lineup:

1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE

2 Flex (RB, WR or TE)

1 K

1 D

After the first week, it's possible you won't have a kicker, D, QB, etc. to start. Objective: to accumulate the most total points through the Super Bowl. Whoever has the most total points after the super bowl wins.

This is a PPR league (1 ppr for WR/RB and 1.5 for TEs). Please check further scoring here: http://football33.myfantasyleague.com/2011/options?L=10369&O=09

Let me know if you have questions or need a reference from anyone in my dynasty leagues (includes jeter23, EBF, jwb, pinda, broncofan13000, Team Legacy, and many others).

Send me a PM or post here if interested.

League site: http://www33.myfantasyleague.com/2011/home/10369#0

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We're at 8.

Looking for at least 12 more. Gives a solid pot and a good shot for everyone.

Let's get there!



Up to 13 ($650)

Let's get this to $1K... day and a half to go.

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