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Bad Projections Week 6 PPR Leagues - 10/10/13 (1 Viewer)


I have ranked players before on sites like red-eye and fantasyaddicts. It is extremely hard to do. I am not killing the rankings here but I will point out what I think is less likely to be right.


6. Cam Newton - their OL is crushed, they lost starters and the backs up to starters. Plus Shula does not know how to use him. He might be okay but 6, no way, I think Henne has more upside.

20. Andy Dalton - Dalton has played really average and he might this week too but he will be in the top 12 QB's this week. Bills have a good front 7 but bad secondary. I think he could be great this week but I woke up and think he will just be good.


9. Reggie Bush - Not going to run against Cleveland and if Calvin plays he can barely run. If he can't do well against the Pack not a chance in the mistake by the lake.

31. Ronnie Hillman - Put Ronnie in for 12 points, he might have more if the game gets out of hand early.


2. Justin Blackmon - this is just pure crack, Romo, Dez, Witten, and Williams lit up Denver. This is Jacksonville and a back up QB, not saying he won't put up numbers but #2, is what I think about this prediction.

24. Steve Smith - He had the worst game I ever seen him play last week. This week he will be top 15 WR.


1. Jimmy Graham - He is the best there is but he will have a sub par week this week, for him (always a must start though). NE will do to him what they did to Gonzo at the end of the Falcons game. NE will lose but they will hold Graham up at the line and double team him every down.


14. Ryan Succop - Will have a top 10 kicker game.


29. Redskins - They are just so much better than this ranking, why? I have no idea but they just score fantasy points.

Buffalo is getting back Gilmore this week I think so, that may have something to do with Dalton's ranking. But I agree he should be few ticks up from where he is at now.

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Agree with all you said. Nice post.

Eta. Most of, disagree on Graham and no clue with succup

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Bills are expected to get Byrd and Gilmore back this week plus McKelvin should be healthy too. Secondary could be a strength if everybody is healthy.


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