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Bailing on dynasty IDP studs? (1 Viewer)


At what point do you cut bait totally with what you thought was an IDP "stud"? I'm in a 31 man roster (+1 IR spot) IDP league where we start 2 DLs, 2 LBs, and 2 DBs....but I'm currently rostering a total of 13 IDP players (one of them being Bishop on my IR spot), and that's after dropping DJ Smith this week after his injury. That's 40% of my roster, which I could be using on young free agent offensive players.

The three I have questions about are above, Cole, Dunlap, and Eric Berry. I thought Cole would be top 5 this year, but currently has only 1.5 sacks through 6 games, hasn't had more than 2 solo tackles in a game, and gave me a goose egg last week. Most of the same can be said of Dunlap, but he's got 2 sacks and did miss 2 games. Berry was a consensus top 3 dynasty DB preseason, and has been a big let down, and I rostered him all last year on my IR spot which I could have used on other players.

At what point do you say enough is enough and cut the player?

Thanks for the response!

It's a dynasty league, start 2 DL, 2 LB, and 2 DBs. The only interesting thing is that if you pick up a player at one position, you can hold him there as long as you want even if he changes positions. Because of that, I get to start Robert Mathis as a DL still, even though he's an OLB. I did the same with Kiwi last year as well.

Anyway, current IDP roster (which is 40% of my total roster spots)-

Suggs (hurt)

Mathis (able to use as a DL)

Charles Johnson



Bishop (in my IR spot)

D'Qwell Jackson



Berry (big disappointment)




I don't see how someone in a dynasty league, regardless of record, could cut Trent Cole or Eric Berry. Even a team like yours with good safeties just means that you've cornered the market on them. Waiting it out and then moving one of them once things stabilize for Berry is a much better alternative to just putting someone with that much talent on the WW.

Everything on Berry says he does not yet look the same; unless you believe that he is the one NFL player who isn't going to come back from an ACL injury, you have to wait for him to get healthy.

There is a major difference to playing in a dynasty league... you have to account for the fact that you don't know where byes weeks will fall each year and you can't jettison talent just because the use in any given year is minimal. Starting two at each of those positions dictates you probably carry four anyway (along with every other team in your league). I doubt that Eric Berry is the 49th best DB to roster in a dynasty league.

At DL, not only is Mathis hurt but he's aging and fading. Suggs is coming off an Achilles, so it's foreseeable that one, if not both of them, could be useless to you at some point soon. Cutting bait on Cole or Dunlap leaves you thin.


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