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BAL D Going Forward... (1 Viewer)


The BAL D looked steller vs. questionable offenses for their first 4 games (CIN, CLE, PIT, TEN). Then they got shredded by Peyton and the Colts last weekend. They produced 2 fantasy points. Next week they travel to Miami - which is a better matchup but still no pushover. I'd expect moderate production. Where do you see the BAL D for the rest of the year - are they a weekly play no matter what or are they a spot start depneding on the matchup? Was the IND game an aberation or did it expose an above-average but aging defense?

I like their next 3 (MIA, OAK, CLE) but then they've got HOU, NYG, and PHI after that.

They go me minus 2 covering for the steelers. At the moment, I'm keeping the steelers and dropping the ravens.


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