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Baldwin, Cole or Gordon? Henry, Williams or Barber? (1 Viewer)



WR: Start 1

Baldwin vs Denver

Cole at NYG

Josh Gordon vs Pitt

RB: Start 1

Henry at Mia

Barber at NO

J.Williams vs Chi

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I assume that you are asking wich WR and which RB to start so I'll go Cole and Henry. Barber is also a good start depending on how worried you are that Lewis eats into Henrys touches. 

I'd go Jamaal Williams while Jones is suspended. 20 touches in with a healthy Rodgers feels like a higher ceiling than Barber or Henry have.

I agree Baldwin is the WR choice here.

I'd go different than the others:

Cole > Baldwin > Gordon

Barber = Henry > Williams

If I start Cole, I probably start Henry as the safer choice. I think Cole has more upside than a bum legged Baldwin, but I'm down on Baldwin this year. Henry has a ton of upside, but Barber likely has the higher floor this week.


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