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Baltimore at Cleveland (1 Viewer)

Browns down inside the Baltimore 10 yard line, first and goal.

Note of interest.

Browns WR Josh Gordon has never scored on any plays under 20 yards.

First down, run for nothing by McGahee.

Cambell to WR Davone Bess, for 1 yard TD on fourth and goal.

Gutsy coaching call by Rob Chudzinski to go for it on fourth down.

1st TD for Bess as a Brown.

Flacco was targeting Browns nickel CB Chris Owens on that last series. Owens gave up two receptons to that scrub backup WR of Baltimore who only had 6 receptions on the season heading into the game but already has two on C-O.

Owens nearly got a pick but it was a bad throw behind the WR by Flacco so that is a matchup to follow.

easy call on Ngata there. Just wish they would call those late hits on guys clearly down when it's not a QB. (Never understood why they flag guys hitting an upright WR in the chest, but don't flag LBs crushing a RB who is already clearly on the turf)

How did this team win a Super Bowl last year? They look awful... & what's with Ray Rice? Is he just not good anymore, o line worst n the NFL, combo of both?

Webb should go home after being embarrassed like that.

- Yes, Browns QB Jason Cambell is back in the game and he looks fine.

- Ray Rice came into this game only averaging less than 3 yards per carry (2.8) so I think he's doing better today than he has averaged over the season but the Browns run-D is very good and at full strength so i wouldn't hold out much hope that Ray Rice has a big game.

- Torey Smith burned Joe Haden the last game so I think Haden wants to shut him down today.

8 carries for 9 yards between rice and pierce - PATHETIC!!
I think you have to give the Cleveland defense a lil-credit. That isn't due to poor play by Rice or Pierce in this game.

Browns run-D is top-ten or evn top-five and they got back, LB Quentin Groves, and DE Billy Wynn. Browns defense is legit but they have suffered on 3rd down which is the obvious weakness. Specifically LB Craig Robertson has sruggled in coverage and nickel CB Chris Owens but if the run defense keeps putting Baltimore into third and longs then our pass rush can get to Flacco.

Shocking halftime stats

- Cleveland WR Greg Little 5 receptions for 71 yards at the half

- Cleveland WR Davone Bess 2 receptions for 21 yards and 2 touchdowns at the half


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