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Barkley v Beckham v Hopkins (1 Viewer)


16 team, PPR, 4 player keeper, bonus performance, 1/2/2/1/2 flex

Keeping Bell, Gurley, Hilton, Julio

Just looking to see how you would rank Barkley, Beckham, Hopkins.

i have the 1.02 and am leaning towards Hopkins as I assume Barkley goes based on the 1.01 team needs. 

For you, having Bell and Gurley.... makes it easy for me

Hopkins (I am a big believer in Hopkins this year, I even took him 1st overall in a PPR redraft league)



I go with DHop over any of the three.  

He has proven to be bad QB-proof, unlike ODB.  Barkley is still a rookie... they fail way too often for me.

Finally, of your 4 keepers, the one most likely to need replacement the soonest is Julio.  

I go with OBJ.  I just prefer him over Hopkins.  None are bad choices and it comes down to personal preference.  You can't fault anyone for taking any of these three and for a 16 team league there is no way you should lose with that foundation. 


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