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Barry Sanders' high school highlight reel impresses (1 Viewer)


Video Clip within the following link:


By Marc Sessler

Around the League Writer

It's May 3, and the 24/7 NFL news cycle admittedly is short on gems.

But we still are digging, and that's how we came across, well, possibly the coolest thing ever:

A Barry Sanders high school highlight reel on YouTube.

BarkingCarnival.com was first to unearth this late-80s-era carnival of the senses.

Shot on glorious VHS, the footage chronicles a coming-of-age Sanders beguiling opponents who still were struggling with puberty and the wrath of Algebra II.

Anyone who went to Wichita North High School back in the day already knows what we're talking about. The rest of you? Just watch it.

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Nice. . .

I'm not sure what move he put on and what happens at 1:40 but I hope that guy regained the ability to walk.

I will say this - I don't think anyone will ever compare to his balance and footwork.

Watching Barry run, I'm always struck by how it almost looks like his upper body and lower body are working independently of one another, like on any given run you took the film of two different runners, cut it at the waist, and then spliced the two together. It's as if from the hips down, they just don't know or care that you should not be able to make moves like that, given what the upper body is doing. Crazy.

Still the best ever...

(Though, I will say I was expecting his HS highlights to be a bit better. I think he was more impressive at OSU.)

As a high school player, he had pretty good moves and quickness, but he may lack the size-speed combo to be successful in college.

As a high school player, he had pretty good moves and quickness, but he may lack the size-speed combo to be successful in college.
Barry lacks the strength to put his head down and get the extra yards. Seems like is always looking to make the big play, instead of just moving the chains, bounces too many runs outside. His measurables don't really wow me either. For a "big play" back, Sanders doesn't seem to have the speed to pull it off, if he is getting run down from behind by high school kids, then Sooner linebackers will run him down like wolves to a 3 legged sheep.

Barry is great, but this video is not proof of it. Our high school RB could have put together a similar collection. :meh:


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