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Baseball Auction Keeper League Opening (1 Viewer)

Aerial Assault

We're looking for one additional owner to round out an AL-only auction league.

Six of the owners know each other from playing together for a long while in an NL-only league; the other franchise owners are solid and we all know our baseball (well, with some predictable Red Sox/Yankees blind spots). :thumbdown:

The remaining opening will be the tenth team in a 10-team league. We tried twelve teams last season as an experiment but it didn't work (not enough FAs with our 23-man rosters and 17-man reserves), and a couple of owners left for personal reasons anyway, so we're at ten for this season and most likely beyond. There are three open teams (including one pretty good roster that came in fifth last season and wasn't very far behind the champs) to choose from, or you can choose the "expansion" route and start from scratch.

5x5 (BA, R, HR, RBI, SB, W, S, ERA, WHIP, K). Auction day cap $260, in-season cap $300. Very active trading league. 23-man active roster (2c, 1b, 2b, ss, 3b, ci, mi, 5of, ut, 9 pitchers of any variety), 17-man reserve list of anyone but NL players. $100 FAAB during the season; all players except rookies get a $5 raise every offseason.

Auction and reserve draft (a straight draft in serpentine format) is on Sunday, April 12, the Sunday after opening day, with stats to count retroactively. Time of day TBA, probably noon or 1 PM. We use online auction software, which worked very well last season. Buy-in is $100, full prize payout with $ prizes for first, second, and third, and the ability to take money off one player's salary for the next season for the 4th through 6th place finishers.

It's a good group and we're looking for one final piece. PM me here or e-mail me at wavery2001[at]yahoo.com if interested, and I'll send the full rules and the rosters of the open teams. Thanks.

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