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Bathroom at the office? (1 Viewer)

If there is someone in an adjacent stall, will you come back to the bathroom shortly or just go (***

  • I'll go regardless

    Votes: 67 37.4%
  • Come back later

    Votes: 64 35.8%
  • Situation depending

    Votes: 48 26.8%

  • Total voters
I have this fear that someone in the stall next to me will wipe his ###, reach under the barrier and wipe the crap on my leg.  Anyone else ever worry about this?

This happens at my office.  Only thing I could chalk it up to is the fact that losers piss all over the floor at the urinals.  Maybe the guy doesn't want to stand in piss? 

Also, pissing all over the floor at the urinal is disgusting.  Hey morons, your shriveled little peanut is going to drip.  Get closer to the effing urinal. :coffee:
This is exactly the reason.  I've pissed in a stall before because the urinal area was absolutely disgusting with piss all over the floor.  We live in a disgusting world.

I don't miss working in an office. All the hot women in their skirts and low-cut tops, and nowhere to jerk off but a bathroom stall next to dudes unleashing hellfire from their #######s. So undignified. 

The only place this thread applies to me is at the gym. And when I hear dudes in the stall taking a crap while talking on the phone it drives me up the wall. It is the combination of device addiction, bad manners, bad hygiene, and the utter obliviousness to right and wrong that gets me. So I make noises. Fart noises - loud, circus clown fart noises with my mouth - so that your wife or whomever is on the other end of that line with you will know without a doubt that you are in the crapper. A public crapper, talking on the phone.
Do you put both hands up to your mouth and blow into them? What about blowing into your arm? I'd like to know your technique.

Do you put both hands up to your mouth and blow into them? What about blowing into your arm? I'd like to know your technique.
Arm gives you the most realistic and loudest sound imo. I'd often rip fake farts in the stall while I jerked off, so no one thought I wasn't in there for the right reasons. 

Man, maybe this deserves to be in the actions/trends thread but whatever...

If you take a noticeably stinky crap, do us all a favor and courtesy flush.  Walked into the medium sized (3 stall, 3 urinal, 3 sink) bathroom today and as I approached the stalls to take my morning dump, I could smell the inhabitant of the middle stall's recent creation.  Terrible.  It was bad.  Like "I'm going to sit here and poo with my finger under my nose" bad.


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