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Battle of the WRs... Colston vs R. White (1 Viewer)

Who do you like for the rest of the way?

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These receivers seem very equal IMO. Colston re-emerged as a top threat this week and White is having a breakout season. Both are the #1 WR in their offense, but both have some competition- Jenkins and Moore. Do do you like to have a better rest of the season?

FYI- Not asking any advice, just curious because another owner in my league and I got into a discussion about this- He has White I have Colston. Thought it was a good debate to open up.

Edited to add a poll. I am biased (Colston) therefore I won't vote... Curious for reasons

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I would say Colston because of his situation and one of the best QBs in the league but Matt Ryan has been unbelievably impressive this year, I'd have to say it's a toss up.

I have a bit vested in this question as I drafted White and traded him for Colston after week 2. I knew the possibility existed that White could blow up and he has. I also figured that Colston would be a stud after the bye, which is looking more likely.

I think Colston is definitely in the "higher octane" offense but White is going to get his as well, especially with Ryan looking like a seasoned vet. As of now, I take Colston if only because of his schedule:

11 Nov 16 NO @ KC

12 Nov 24 GB @ NO

13 Nov 30 NO @ TB

14 Dec 07 ATL @ NO

15 Dec 11 NO @ CHI

16 Dec 21 NO @ DET

i'm leaning towards colston for the simple fact brees throws the ball 40+ times a week.
:fishing: I may be wrong, but it sure feels like the Falcons are far more balanced.
But Lance Moore gets as many receptions as Colston and steals TDs (the ball is spread out more in NO). White is the #1 and only in his offense (Jenkins kind of too, but not like Moore). Plus, White has matchups forcing them to throw from here on out. And NO gets Bush back...playing devil's advocate. I agree with what everyone is saying.
It doesnt matter to me cuz I own them both. And my other WR is Marshall!
wow thats really great :confused: give me colston, I have been looking at that playoff schedule for months drooling with brees. although whites looks almost as good. tough call here but I gotta go with brees, he will just be throwing more than ryan will.

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