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Bears at Seahawks (Who are you watching?) (1 Viewer)


I realize it is preseason football, but who are you going to be watching tonight? Here is who I will be monitoring

Velus Jones, Jr. is making his debut tonight. Can he emerge as a weapon acoss from Mooney?

Can Trestan Ebner fill the Tarik Cohen role in the offense?

Justin Fields needs to take command of the Bears' offense.

Will Rashaad Penny play?

Can Travis Homer build on his success from last week?

Who are you watching?


Trestan Ebner seems like a great arbitrage James Cook candidate. He was a pretty productive receiver despite playing 2nd fiddle to Abram Smith. And there are targets to be had on that bears wr depth chart.
Still nothing more than a dynasty stash, but I'm intrigued by him.

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