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Bears D/ST--Why the high top 250 forward ranking? (1 Viewer)


They are top 5 in the regular rankings and #1 using my league rules, yet things don't look very good going forward. What am I missing?

They're currently hovering around #10 overall and all of their future match-ups look pretty bad on paper (JAX, NO, GB, + @TEX if you play week 17). They have had bad to terrible performances 4 of the last 5 weeks, with the Rams being the only exception. The only positive I see is that they are playing 3 of those 4 remaining games at home in December. Anything I'm missing (e.g. Hester back to handling all returns)?

I think Hester has come back down to earth. It was hard to beleive that he would keep up his TD return pace. Limiting his touches on returns has really just resulted in Hester trying to do too much on each touch. I'm not even sure he is the best return man on the Bears right now.

As for the D part... considering NO,GB, and HOU love to pass, and the Bears Pass D isn't what it used to be, I don't think I feel very good about them down the stretch.

Agree, the ranking is completely idiotic. I dropped them in my league which includes yardage and point totals. If your DST starts giving up too many points or yards then you start getting negative points. Playing NO and GB in weeks 15/16 is killer. THey are NOT an elite defense anymore and their special teams is mediocre as well.


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