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Bears Sign a Free Agent! (1 Viewer)


LAKE FOREST, Ill. - The Bears on Thursday signed free-agent cornerback and special teams standout Dante Wesley to a two-year contract. Terms were not disclosed.

Dante Wesley appeared in 58 games with two starts in four years with the Panthers.

The 6-0, 211-pounder spent his first four NFL seasons with the Panthers after being chosen by Carolina in the fourth round of the 2002 draft (100th overall).

"I'm happy to be here," Wesley said shortly after signing his contract at Halas Hall. "I'm happy that they're giving me the opportunity to play here. My main goal is winning a Super Bowl. That's been on my mind since I got the first phone call from them. That's my mindset."

In four seasons with the Panthers, Wesley appeared in 58 regular-season games and seven playoff contests including Super Bowl XXXVIII. He registered 55 tackles and two sacks on defense and 32 stops on special teams including 18 in 2004 and eight in 2005.


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