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Bears vs Vikings - Week 17 (1 Viewer)

Terrible call.  Probably took points off the board for the Bears (although their idiot kicker probably misses the inevitable FG attempt anyway). 

I disagree with it being a bad call on Kevin White who basically tries to tackle Hill grabbing his arm and pulling him down to the ground.

Thats holding.

Stupid Bears, making it so much tougher on themselves next week with the Eagles.

Another awful call.  It is physically impossible to stop yourself there and neither did anything extra to warrant a flag.  What a joke. 

This is all so much bull####. Vikings shouldn't be anywhere close to being able to make this drive. Why do refs have to screw up games so much. ####### bull#### 

so no way ZImmer goes for it if it is 4th down right? 4th and 1, have to go for this, but i don't think he will

Cook should have put his head down and fought for the 1st down instead of ducking outside and allowing himself to be knocked out of bounds short of the marker. 

Stupid challenge. Spot was correct. Whoever is in the Vikings booth told Zimmer to challenge should be let go

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