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Beautiful Women (1 Viewer)


I'll start it out with Ann Margaret - who would look great in a HOOTERS outfit.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt




Edit to change first pic since geocities sucks.

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I'm going to have to take credit for the above JLH image. Made a believer of me.Thanks, thank you all.. I appreciate it. Thanks.

I'm out. :moneyontable:Estella Warren:Grrrr, apparently I don't know how to post pics.Aaaand, apparently the link doesn't work.Oh well, I tried. :D

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GB 2112. Nice compliation (although I can't handle looking at Alley Bagget w/those stupid fn FBG faces all over - it's like being drunk and suddenly getting a call from your mother, hurts yer buzz).

How do you post a picture in the message and get it to stay there? I posted 2 pics and they worked, then I go away and come back, and they don't work. Is it something with my firewall or is there a way to do it to ensure proper picture posting?

I'm out. :moneyontable:

Estella Warren:

Grrrr, apparently I don't know how to post pics.

Aaaand, apparently the link doesn't work.

Oh well, I tried. :(
I couldn't stand to see Smoo suffer any longer. That and I'm a huge Estella Warren fan myself.

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OK, please help. I am on a webpage, like Stuff, or Hot babes FBGs will Like; I see a picture that is just quality work that I would like to post, how do I do it? The picture obviously has a url, but it ends in html, not gif and thus the IMG key does not allow me to post it. Do I need to save the picture into another format first? How do I do that? I am running Windows ME. Please be simple, as I am a computer dummy. Thank you in advance.


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