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Beckett possibly out for the postseason (1 Viewer)


Beckett could be out for postseasonWe’ll have a complete story coming up, but the Red Sox are going to make an announcement following tonight’s game about the health status of righthander Josh Beckett.Beckett, according to a source, has suffered an oblique injury and may not be able to face the Angels in the Division Series.More to come.
Their hopes seemed to hinge on Beckett being Beckett but he has struggled much of the year. With the bullpen woes (although stablilized somewhat by Masterson) and Beckett struggling, it didnt seem to be their year anyway. They will be a sizeable underdog to the Angels I believe.

As of now, he is scheduled to start game 3. Francona confirmed that he strained an oblique in a side session.

That's not good news. Beckett had his best month of the year (by far) in Sept. Had a 2.16 ERA in 4 starts.

I imagine Byrd will start game 3 if he needs to.

They're good enough to where they could sneak by a short series without him.

Would be tougher in a 7-game setting.


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