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Ben or Mahomes...Mixon or JuJu....weather bothers me! (1 Viewer)


League 1 - replace Ben with Mahomes?  Probably will anyways since they are close in projections this week anyways.

                - start Conner? Currently have him in over Baldwin/Miller at flex (ppr)

League 2 - sit JuJu for Mixon at flex?  Again, may do anyways since they have similar projections for the week (also ppr)

Post yours and I will respond.  Although, it’s so damn hard the first week of a brand new season....SO many question marks!!!

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Mahomes and Connor.  Diversofy, don't put all the eggs in the Pittsburgh basket.  

Mixon ...............this ones easy for me.  Mixon gets 20 touches easy.

Please see mine..............https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770103-bench-baldwin-and-evans-for-who/


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