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Ben Shapiro Debates Piers Morgan On Gun Control & "Assault Rifles" (5/26/22 7:59 PST) (1 Viewer)


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro (DEBATES) Piers Morgan on Gun Control 01-09-13 Oct 10, 2017

After the terror at Sandy Hook, Piers Morgan made the unfortunate (for him) decision to host Ben Shapiro on his CNN show to argue gun control in the United States....


VIDEO (8 Years Later): Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Revisit Their Viral Gun Control Debate Apr 10, 2021

In this clip, Piers Morgan and I revisit our viral debate over the issue of gun control. I greatly appreciate Piers' willingness to accept my invitation to join the Sunday Special—especially given our well-documented policy disagreements. Piers was "cancelled" by the woke mob just a few weeks ago for absolutely no reason; it's extremely important that conservatives stand up against cancel culture in all of its manifestations. At this point, anyone to the right of AOC is being castigated out of society as deplorable and irredeemable, and things are only going to get worse from here...




Headline: Breitbart Editor (Ben Shapiro) calls Piers Morgan a bully standing on the graves of the children killed at Sandy Hook

On Thursday Morgan had Breitbart News Editor-at-large Ben Shapiro on his show 'Piers Morgan Tonight' to talk about gun control as part of a series of episodes Morgan is doing about 'Guns in America.'...You may recall that in the first episode of the series Morgan called the Executive Director of Gun Owners an “unbelievably stupid man.” He then brought on Fox News contributor and gun advocate John Lott only to call him a liar....

Last night, when Morgan asked Shapiro why Shapiro thinks he's “off the rails on this issue,” Shapiro quickly fired back with, “You have kind of been a bully on this issue....You tend to demonize people who differ from you politically by standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook, saying they don’t seem to care enough about the dead kids. If they cared more about the dead kids, they would agree with you on policy..."

“How dare you... How dare you accuse me of standing on the graves of children who died there...How dare you.....” Morgan responded.

(Shapiro) continued to tear into the host: “I think we can have a rational, political conversation about balancing rights and risks and rewards of all of these different policies, but I don’t think that what we need to do is demonize people on the other side as being unfeeling about what happened at Sandy Hook....Well, I mean, you can keep saying that, but you’ve done it repeatedly. What you do, and I’ve seen you do it on your program, is you keep saying to folks if they disagree with you politically, then somehow this is a violation of what happened in Sandy Hook....I would really like to hear your policy prescriptions for what we should do about guns because you say you respect the Second Amendment....”

(Shapiro) present(ed) a pocket version of the Constitution. “I brought this here for you so you can read it...I would really like for you to explain to me what you would do about guns that would have prevented what happened in Sandy Hook....If you want to do what you did in the U.K., which is ban virtually all guns, that is at least a fair argument and we can have a discussion about whether that’s something that we ought to do or not.....Your passion on the issue doesn’t really justify the rationale for why you want to ban assault weapons....”

by Laura Byrne/Andrew Kirell January 11, 2013 11:56 AM



Direct Headline: Lorraine Kelly Argues Piers Morgan Has Not Been 'Cancelled' As Pair Clash In Cancel Culture Debate

"You’re not cancelled though! That’s the thing."...Lorraine Kelly tried to prove to Piers Morgan that he hadn’t been “cancelled” as he made an appearance on her chat show on Thursday....The former Good Morning Britain presenter returned to ITV for the first time since his infamous exit from the channel’s breakfast show last year to promote his new talkTV series Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Back in March 2021, Piers departed GMB after calling into question Meghan Markle’s claims that she’d experienced suicidal thoughts during her time as a senior royal....He later revealed ITV bosses had asked him to apologise for his comments or leave GMB, with Piers opting to stand by his words and exit the show....Piers has since landed a show on new station talkTV, which he says will aim to “cancel the cancel culture” that saw him forced to leave his previous job....

“But you’re not cancelled though! That’s the thing,” she insisted. People say that you’re cancelled, but you’ve got this massive show coming up.”

....Piers responded: “Lorraine, I do and I’m thrilled and excited about it, but I was cancelled from Good Morning Britain, because I did not want to leave and I was told, ‘You’ve got to apologise or leave’ – that is what cancel culture is....Sharon Osbourne was cancelled from her show simply for saying I had the right to an opinion, and I just think society has got to get a grip of this....I respect your opinion, but we should be allowed to have different opinions and this woke mob have decided that only your opinions can be tolerated, and if you deviate one iota from it, then you will have to be destroyed. They’re not liberal, they’re a new form of fascist and I’m not going to let them get away with it...."

By Ash Percival 21/04/2022 12:00pm BST



I consider the 2013 gun control debate between Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and international media personality Piers Morgan to be one of the most interesting because they actually reunited in 2021 to revisit the topic under far more different circumstances.

Piers Morgan generally believes that there should be universal background checks, a limit of 10 rounds for detachable rifle magazines and doesn't believe there is any legal utility in "assault rifles" or rifles designated or perceived or labeled as such in our society, as he claims they only have the purpose of killing large numbers of people. When Morgan did his 2013 CNN interview with Shapiro, he was in a far stronger leverage position career wise.

8 years later in 2021, Morgan had been "cancelled" and told to recant a viewpoint on the Royal Family or leave his show in Britain, and while few to none would give him an opportunity to talk about that situation and his other viewpoints, Ben Shapiro, in a stronger leverage position in 2021 with The Daily Wire, gave him a platform to speak and denounced the "cancelling" of Morgan. This was far more generous given to Piers Morgan than was afforded anyone considered on the opposite of his viewpoint on gun control in 2013.

Shapiro's views on gun control include:

1) More armed well trained security in schools. That children should be guarded like banks are guarded, because they are our societies most precious resource.

2) An end to denouncing those who are Pro2A and anti extreme gun regulation as morally/ethically deficient or as some kind of social/cultural threat for the "crime" of disagreement

3) A discussion laid out on practical public policy, not merely emotional rhetoric designed to drum up ratings and for politicians to trigger more fundraising/try to incite their core voter base for support/force their way into the national daily media cycle.

4) Universal background checks but not a nation wide gun registry, i.e. background checks that don't impose the "tyranny" that the Founders warned of about government overreach

5) An honest discussion if the Democratic Party in America just plain wants a full on widespread permanent ban on ALL firearms period, under which Shapiro says that's at least a very honest discussion on a legitimate "end game" goal, whether he agrees with it or not.

6) Dealing with the root issue of crime within communities as the precursor to gun violence, not simply targeting the often used "tools" of said crime.

7) A practical non emotional admission by the Democratic Party and those who want 2A abolished that the main purpose of our Founders was to allow citizens to have the means ( firearms) to oppose any potential governmental tyranny inflicted upon them. Or as Shapiro says, "The fact that my grandparents and great grandparents in Europe didn't fear (government imposed tyranny), that is why they're now ashes in Europe...."

Do you agree or disagree ( and why) with Piers Morgan's and Ben Shapiro's viewpoints and suggestions?

Do you agree or disagree with universal background checks for firearms ownership? Then, to what limit on other rights possibly infringed upon? Do you agree or disagree with a nation wide gun registry as Shapiro discusses?

Do you agree or disagree with a universal ban on any detachable box magazine that holds greater than 10 rounds of ammunition?

Do you agree or disagree with a universal ban on all "assault rifles/assault weapons", particularly the AR-15 platform?

Do you agree or disagree that all schools should have well trained armed security as a deterrent from more future mass shootings/active shooter scenarios? Or to what limit would you agree or disagree?

Do you agree or disagree with the stance on a full on nation wide ban on all firearms period? If so, how would you propose to actually implement that in terms of functional public administration?

I'll leave this here for others to discuss




VIDEO: Ben Shapiro DISMANTLES Obama's Gun Control Arguments Mar 25, 2021

“...We should be able to go to school, or go out with our friends, or worship together without mentally planning our escape if someone shows up with a gun. We should be able to live our lives without wondering if the next trip outside our home could be our last,” Obama said, “We should. But in America, we can’t....”


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro fires back at late-night hosts on gun control Oct 4, 2017

Columnist blasts the 'moral disapproval of people who own guns.'


VIDEO: Shapiro on students who disagree with calls for gun reform Mar 14, 2018

Columnist Ben Shapiro says on 'The Story' that he has received letters from students who feel they've been bullied for not joining school walkouts.


VIDEO: Shapiro: Security in schools needs to be radically escalated Feb 20, 2018

Columnist Ben Shapiro reflects on the gun control debate after the Florida massacre.


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Calls Out Media Bias On Guns Mar 19, 2018

Ben Shapiro calls out CNN for bias in their coverage of student gun control activists in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting.


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Highlights @ KTTH Gun Control Debate Nov 25, 2016

Highlights from Ben Shapiro in the following KTTH debate on gun control:


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Doesn't Understand the AR 15 Apr 16, 2021

The AR-15 is an extremely popular firearm in the US and the AR Pistol is an extremely popular configuration. President Biden wants to treat AR Pistols like short barrel rifles, an NFA-regulated firearm. Ben Shapiro explains the errors in the president's justification, but makes one error himself. We're here to clarify.


VIDEO: Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall Jun 2, 2016  PBS NewsHour

When asked why he wants to restrict gun access for all owners, rather than just bad actors, President Barack Obama said, "It's just not true. ...There have been more guns sold since I've been president than just about any time in U.S. history." He spoke at a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana, on June 1, 2016, hosted by PBS NewsHour co-anchor Gwen Ifill.




A 2017 debate. Another timely thread from the OP. 

TWEET: Piers Morgan XX@XXpiersmorgan

BREAKING: America’s response to its recent mass shootings is to make it even easier for Americans to use guns. The 2nd Amendment is now being interpreted as a right to bear arms as part of an unregulated civilian militia.

Quote Tweet:  SCOTUSblog XX@XXSCOTUSblog

The Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN a New York gun-control law that required people to show "proper cause" to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home. The vote is 6-3. https://supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf

7:51 AM · Jun 23, 2022


VIDEO: Is Biden Going To Win On Gun Control? Jun 22, 2022 Ben Shapiro

More than a dozen Republicans joined a largely Democrat effort to advance a gun control bill in the Senate on Tuesday night. Shapiro reacts.



Personally attacking me is going to get you nowhere.

Ben Shapiro points out the danger of 'gut check' response in creating legislation based on some recent controversy/scandal/tragedy involving firearms. And if this becomes a trend, it can risk threatening actual rights because it chips away only for personal political gain so politicians can virtue signal in the national daily media cycle and say "They did something!"

Meanwhile SCOTUS has a recent ruling that has triggered Piers Morgan yet again on gun rights/gun control/gun regulation.

Then the question remains from their 2013 debate - As Shapiro asked before, is there a methodology to discuss the risks versus rewards of gun legislation without the animosity and anger?

You don't care, you just want me silenced.


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