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Bench Decker this week? (1 Viewer)


Bad weather, coming off a huge game, a healthy Julius Thomas working the inside of the hash marks......I just don't see even a decent game from Decker.

I'm thinking of starting Bobby Rainey over him in my final flex. Anyone else thinking of sitting Decker?

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Think I'm gonna start Keenan over Decker. I usually like riding the hot hand but, as you mention, the weather and OJT back this week - I prefer Allen's floor.

I'm not expecting a great game, but I'm starting him over Colston, Stevie Johnson, and Streater. If I had someone at the level of Keenan Allen, I'd have no problem benching him.

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Considering there is no Julian Thomas on the roster, I wouldn't be worried about him.
Posts like this is why I seldom come here. Smart ### punks. Go away.

Anyone else have anything else of value to add?
ya agreed a lot of them on this site. Well if this helps Im benching him for Cruz. It was tough to do but for the same reasons you mentioned... More defensive coverage his way because of the big game, bad weather, a good pass d negated by pmanning, but the biggest concern outside of huge game last week is the return of J.thomas.

It is cold, but says it wont be snowing and barely much wind.

I won't be sitting Decker. Could play guys like Sjax, Colston, or Carlson. Not exactly great backup options, but I don't think Decker is a bad play this week anyway.

Same boat as you Rounders for all those reasons. except it's my #2 WR. Starting Gordon and debating between Decker, V Jackson, M Floyd, Garcon, Edelman, Wright, or R White is now back in the mix. Weather says take Floyd.


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