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Bengals and Chiefs (1 Viewer)

So block in the back is a thing after all.
I’m a little unclear as to how it’s applied to an OL protecting a QB vs a player springing a RB or receiver. 

Maybe it’s not a block in the back in that situation. 

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If the AFC ends up having to go through KC, I don't know if I see this team losing here this season.  Maybe only if weather gets them?

That wasn't illegal procedure, right?  Dude (returner on the Bengals) pulled that kickoff out of bounds, right?

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If you grab the ball from out of bounds that’s a penalty?? Guys need to start laying down with their feet out when the ball is 9 feet from the sidelines. 

Pretty amazing execution there.  "Let's go 3 and out and then give the ball right back to this Chiefs offense!"

The first dude never brings down Kelce. 

Starting to wish I’d drafted that dude, but Burton is starting to come alive. 

Gotta admit - the “quit cable” direct commercial kinda cracked me up. 

That might be this Makers cask strength laughing though. ;)  

You shouldn’t. He’s just that good.

the saving grace: Bengals are Bengling.  Chiefs get the ball back - it’ll be the kHunt/Ware show here soon IMO.
Don't play with my emotions.  I need that.

Plus, we both know this is Reid.  He'll let Hunt beast it down to the 2 and then run a quick out to T. Hill for the 2-yard receiving TD.

They don't stop too many good offenses. Playoffs could look a lot like arena ball. 
This is the truth.  When the Chiefs looked good with A. Smith at QB, you always thought to yourself, "Yeah, but when is Smith going to choke?"  I don't find myself thinking that with Mahomes.  At all.

Agreed. I’m relying on him in 3 leagues to just do something. Anything.
Towards the end of the first half, it looked as if the Chiefs actually realized that A.J. Green had suited up and was on the field, so they attempted to start covering him.  If that continues, something should open up for Boyd in the 2nd half.


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