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Bengals and FF (1 Viewer)


Alot of us probably have Carson Palmer, TJ Houshmanzadeh, and Chad (Johnson) Ocho Cinco. A bunch also have Kenny Watson and Chris Perry. This offense has been one of the better offenses in football for years so we're waiting for them to play well.

They play the Giants this week. The Giants allow an average of 205 yards per game this year. They only allow 10 points per game and a 3rd down percentage of just 23%. They led the league in sacks last year and already have 7 sacks this year.

I don't think this is the week the Bengals "get happy". I don't figure the Bengals offer comparable value in trade(though clearly the value is debatable).

My next thought was well maybe things will get better with the schedule. They have the Browns the following week and their defense isn't doing well. However the following 2 weeks they face the Cowboys and Jets which are another two top 10 defenses.

So my Q is simply, what are you doing with your Bengals players on your FF team. What's the plan? Have you been able to trade any, if so for which player in return?

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benching ocho this week in favour of patten and welker. starting perry as my #2 RB over young/hall because i don't have a better option. this is not the time to sell these guys because their value is at an all-time low. i plan to sit on them in the hope that they play better at some point and win me some games. in the meantime i'm counting on the rest of my team to step up.

I think it's time for the Bengals to trade Chad Johnson, they got offered 2 #1's before, if that still stands or if they can get a bidding war from the NFC East teams I think they'd be smart to make a move, this team needs to go into a full rebuilding mode.

I think this will happen, rumors should start circulating at some point soon about players leaving Cincy, it wouldn't shock me to see TJ on his way out of town too.

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The Bengals and fantasy football are like oil and water. They don't mix well.

Just kidding.

I have not seen the Bengals this year so I'm not sure what they have been trying to do the first couple of weeks but I can't see that Palmer-Watson-Perry-Ocho Cinco-Housh all of a sudden got old and can't get it done. These guys have put up some serious numbers the past few years and I think they will get it going soon.

I would not bail on them and sell low. I may buy low in the right circumstances.

Low buyer here...I was trying to get Cassel and got Cassel and Ocho for the Denver RBs. Also dumped S Rice for C Henry (suspended thru Week 4).

The leading theory against the Bengals is that what is currently bugging Palmer is permanent. I find that hard to believe.

Another tough week this week, but I'd venture that Palmer gets at least a TD, perhaps 2.

I've had Ocho for years in one dynasty and traded for both him and Carson this past off-season in another. Right now, Ocho is starting on one league because I have no WRs and in the other they're both sitting. There doesn't seem to be a viable market for them, so the best thing to do is sit and just pray for a turnaround. Unfortunately it may never come this year with the murderer's row of defenses they're facing.

In dynasty, take your lumps. In redraft, move if possible.

I'd be buying Housh and C Henry - Ocho - not so much. I think he will be done with that shoulder. 1 Carson Palmer laid out pass over the middle (he throws a lot of those) and it's over.


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