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Best ball ROS (PPR): Cooper, Allison, or Goodwin? (1 Viewer)


I'm in a very shallow roster (can only have 4 WR's) best ball league. My current WR's are Hopkins, Golladay, Robinson & Allison. I've been hanging on to Allison hoping he'll overtake Cobb as the #2 WR in GB and possibly turn into a Jordy Nelson-like option for Rodgers. Cooper was just dropped, I understand he's hurt and on his bye week. Goodwin just had a huge game, although on only 5 targets.

I'd actually roll with Goodwin. I don't think that role you are hoping for with Allison is coming. The rookies haven't been awful, and Graham has taken a step forward in the Cobb/Allison absence. Its likely a week to week thing behind Adams and Graham going forward.

I agree with travdogg.  In a best ball format Goodwin is the easy choice for me.  He has the biggest upside of all of them as the #1 guy  on a team that is always coming from behind. 


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