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Down Under

I'm surprised there is no thread for this (that I could find).  I decided to try one or two of these.  Any general tips on how drafting should differ from regular redrafts?  First off, I am tempted to take more risk, especially at the end of the draft (more high upside over high floor types).

10 teams, lineup is QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLEX(RB/WR/TE).  18 spots (8 bench)  No K's or D's!!  Yea!

QB - with only 4 pt/TD, it would seem running QBs should be favored?  Draft Dominator says wait wait wait wait for a QB, but when I tried a mock the rate my team hated my Brady/Tannehill/Winston collection.  Ha.  Do most people take 3 QBs?  Seems wise given injuries and you can go for an upside 3rd, maybe even one who might not start the season.

RB - I drafted 7, might have gone overboard.  A couple of studs, lots of upside picks.  One backup to one stud.  What do you all think about backups in this format?

WR - A couple of studs and upside picks.  Took Michael Thomas at the end.  Seems like an ok risk for BB.  Not sure he would last that long in a real draft.

TE - Do people still go for one of the top 3?  Or wait and go for a Higbee or similar with upside?  2 or 3 TE's?

Would love people's thoughts on strategy in general or for specific positions.  TIA


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