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Best DE in the NFC? (1 Viewer)

Sack artists

  • Jared Allen MIN

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  • Julius Peppers CAR

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  • Justin Tuck NYG

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  • John Abraham ATL

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I just saw this question on NFL Network's show NFC Playbook and Sterling Sharpe and Brian Baldinger were asking the question and giving their opinion...so I thought I'd ask it as well here...

Some pretty damn good DE's in the NFC, only 3 will make the Pro Bowl, I wonder who gets left out...

Anyway, who is your vote for best DE in the NFC and why?

osi umenyiora
:yawn: Getting Osi back next year to work with Tuck and Kiwi on the outside plus those extra draft picks for Shockey (thanks, Saints!) should make the Giants downright scary next year. (Knock! Knock!)
Justin Tuck can do it all - bull rush, speed rush, stuff the run, play over Center. Hes arguably the best defender in the NFL this year.

If were counting part time DE'ers, then it's DeMarcus Ware hands down.

Osi would be if he didn't get hurt. Now he may never be the same.

Off that list I would have to go with Allen. Peppers should be the best, but I think his phat wallet is keeping him from staying hungry.

Are we talking about who is having a better year or who is the best DE in the NFC? If we are actually talking about who is the best DE as the thread title says, i don't know how Abraham is on the list ahead of Trent Cole and Osi.

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I gotta go with Allen. He's been doing it consistently for years now. It's scary to think he's only 26.

Allen has fought through a separated shoulder and a viciously messed up knee, and performed well after each injury, creating safeties after the shoulder and sacks after the knee. He is part of the reason that the 4 downs at the 1 against the Bears was shut down completely (though the entire defense stepped up, he got the tackle on the last play.) Hands down worth everything the Vikings gave up for him in the trade, and my unbiased pick for best DE in the NFC.

If you're just talking about pro bowl THIS YEAR...Trent Cole should be in the discussion (although probably not on the squad)


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