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Best Drafts Ever (1 Viewer)


Just curious to hear some of the great drafts teams have had...

I'll throw out Denver's '06 draft as probably the best in their history. Key players acquired in that draft:

Cutler - Round 1, 11th overall

Scheffler - Round 2, 61st overall

BMarsh - Round 4, 119th overall

Elvis Dumervill - Round 4, 126th overall

Chris Kuper (starting G) - Round 5, 161st overall

They also traded pick 2.6 for Javon Walker, which looked great for a while...

But in that draft, they landed two future Super Stars in Marshall and Cutler, a very solid pass catching TE in Scheffler, their best pass rusher by far and probably one of their best defensive players in Dumervill, and a pretty damn good starting G in Chris Kuper.

What are some other drafts that stand out as being particularly impressive?

Certainly not the best ever, but the Bills 2007 draft has alot to do with their current success.

1. Marshawn Lynch

2. Paul Posluszny

3. Trent Edwards

Best Bears drafts

It can be pretty easy when you have the 3rd and 4th overall pick, but 1965

1.03 - **** Butkus

1.04 - Gale Sayers

1983 Draft was huge is forming some of the main pieces of the '85 Bears

1.06 - Jimbo Covert

2.05 - Mike Richardson

3.08 - Dave Duerson

4.07 - Tom Thayer

8.07 - Richard Dent

8.23 - Mark Bortz

That's 3/5 of the O Line, 1/2 the secondary, and the Super Bowl XX MVP.

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not best ever but

2002 eagles

1- lito sheppard

2- michael lewis

2- sheldon brown

3- Brian westbrook

2 starting corners and b-west

Patriots 2003

1 - Ty Warren (Top-tier DT)

2 - Eugene Wilson (Great player while he was healthy)

4 - Asante Samuel (Pro-bowler)

5 - Dan Koppen (Pro-bowler)

7 - Tully Banta-Cain (Starter on 49ers, very good depth)


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