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Best Moves You've Made This Year? (1 Viewer)

One league where I lost Brady, I picked up Pennington - Warner was already gone.

Then, sometimes the best deals are those you don't make; I was "this close" to trading Roddy White and Chad Pennington for Carson Palmer and Javon Walker as I felt desperate for a QB.

traded a 3rd rnd pick in the rookie draft for Berrian. picked up Lance Moore and Camarillo off WW. Playing matchups they have been a great wr3/4 that have easily replaced Housh and Curtis. Being that I got a draft pick that turned out to be Forte for Housh, I came out way ahead.

Drafted Rodgers in the last round ( to back up Brady, pick 1.07 )

Picked Warner 15 minutes after Brady went down

Been set at QB all year.

Now as for RB, I guess that's for the other thread...

Best: Traded Addai and Holt for Steve Smith the week before Addai went down with his hamstring injury.

The downside is that deal's spooked everyone in the league so much that there were NO other trades the rest of the year (and this is a pretty active dynasty league.)

Worst: I offered Winslow Jr and two keepers for Gates before last weeks games. Fortunately, that got shot down.

I also was rejected in a preseason trade of Barber (who could be kept for the next two years) for LT. The other owner's still

kicking himself over that one.

Best draft pick was Owen Daniels in the 12th round.

Traded for Marques Colston in week 7, giving up Deuce McAllister for him. McAllister was mired on my bench while Colston looks like he's giong to be big down the stretch.

This week I picked up Addai for Donnie Avery ... yet to be seen how that one works out.

Right after my keeper league draft, I used my first supplemental pick on Kurt Warner to back up my QB#2 (Matt Leinart). Then used my 2nd and last supplemental pick on Steve Slaton.

Just traded away Slaton three weeks ago for Anquan Boldin.


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