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Best Secondary Player in the Draft? (1 Viewer)

Who is the better Defensive backfield Player?

  • Jimmy Williams

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  • Michael Huff

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Williams seems to be the first taken in Mock Drafts but Analysts can't seem to stop talking about Huff. Who is the better DB and why?

I voted Huff. It seems over half the draft sites have moved Huff ahead of Williams since the Rose Bowl. Jimmy Williams is falling because of perceived personality problems, and Huff is rising because he is so solid at everything. I could see Huff going in the top 10 where Williams was often projected a few months ago, and I could see Williams dropping into the 20s where Huff was once projected. Jimmy Williams needs to be a sweetheart in his interviews.

It's entirely possible that Huff is the better player, but Williams goes ahead of him as he plays the more valuable position.IIRC, Sean Taylor is one of a very few safeties to be drafted ahead of the top CB, but I don't think he's the only S to be the better player. Like Polomalu behind T-New and Trufant.Looking through the draft, Rod Woodson, Mark Carrier and Archuleta were also taken before the top CB, but it's rare. Ed Reed wasn't even taken before Buchanon.


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