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Best spot to draft from redraft (non-PPR) (1 Viewer)


When looking at where the best value is to draft slot wise for a redraft league, #1 Peterson looks like the best option. Depending on your thoghts on Foster, #2 looks to be second best. After that my thoughts are that I would rather be in slots 6/7/8/9 and looking to draft whatever RB falls to that spot (Martin, Charles, Spiller, Richardson, McCoy, Lynch, or Morris) and then coming back with another RB in round 2. I don't see much difference in the value of this years first round 3-8 picks. The value gained by being able to pick up a solid RB in round 2 in a snake draft due to picking mid-pack in round 1 this year seems to have tremendous value. Following RB/RB with a solid WR in round 3, and then seeing what the board has to offer in round 4 (QB that slips or a solid WR2 or even a RB that slips) looks very attractive. Would appreciate thoughts for others. Thanks.

I agree with your assessment pretty much the whole way thru. Although early in drafts its hard to determine the best spot, and getting the early picks in the 1st is big, I think picking mid round is always the best option. Or its at least better than picking end of the round and you get a raw deal both on talent and value standpoint.


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