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BETA Testers needed for Mobile Draft Dominator (1 Viewer)

David Dodds


Last year we broke ground with our Draft GM and FBG Magazine apps for mobile. Both were solid efforts, but when is OK good enough at FBG? We broke apart both apps and have spent the last 5 months perfecting the next generation of fantasy football apps.

We believe we have created the best software for drafting on mobile devices the world has ever seen.

We are proud to announce that the Draft Dominator for Mobile is coming to both the Apple and Android apps store this July. Complete with new interfaces and way too many features to list here (plus we don't think it's wise to allow our competitors time to respond to our tweaks). Suffice it to say, it's everything you could have ever hoped for when Drafting from your tablet or phone.

Over the next 10 days (and continuing for 45+ days), we will begin rigorous testing of our two flagship apps (Draft Dominator and FBG Magazine) first on the Apple platform and then on Android devices.

We need vigorous testers. People that will put these apps through unimaginable settings, tweaks, etc. We want people that can and will BREAK our apps (before we go LIVE). Last year, we were pretty low key with testers. This year, the standard is going to be a lot tougher. Apple only affords us 100 test spots so we need to put together the best possible team (so that we are continuously pushing the boundaries to what these apps can be).

To get the very best testers, we will be doing the following:

1. Soliciting people in this thread. If you don't post in this thread, you will not be considered.

2. Sending interested people a survey to find out more about their devices, their expertise, why they would be a great tester, etc.

3. Selecting testers for the team.

Last year, everyone that wanted to test / preview the apps early got in. While most looked over things, some did not. We can't afford that this year as we need these apps to be near perfect when they get released in the apps store.

Those that help us with this (submit a minimum number of feedback reports to us) will be given a 1 year subscription (or adding a year to their existing subscription) and a yet to be designed FBG Apps shirt.

If interested, please respond in this thread (or send a PM to David Dodds) with the following:

- Devices that you can test on

- What you would bring to the team

Upon selection of the team, we will also require your full name and email address.

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David, Joe and FBG team,

I would be honored if you chose me to help in the beta test process.

My Device:

  • I can test drive on an android Samsung Mega-SGH-I527. Brand spanking new.
  • also a Kindle Fire
My Qualifications:

  • I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator for many years (8+...not sure exactly.) I have used the Trade Dominator (both as a stand alone app and since it has been incorporated into the Lineup Dominator.
  • Very familiar with VBD principles.
  • Former FBG Blogger and FBG Street Team member
  • Disappointed FBG is not moving forward with any DD enhancements and would absolutely love to get in on the ground floor of the new Android app. I am anticipating that this will cover what has been lacking in the DD for a number of years.
  • I will run this product through the mill to find out what exactly could possibly be wrong with it.
  • I play mostly in keeper/dynasty leagues but also redraft.
  • 18th year of organized fantasy football.
Sincere thanks for your consideration,


eta: additional device

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I'm interested in participating. I've used all the FBGs mobile apps to date (and not always loved the experience). Would love the chance to provide feedback and be heard.

I use an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC One S. Also have a 1st-gen iPad. I also work for a company that produces a popular mobile app (though I work in a non-coding department).

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To borrow Rody's format...

My Device:

  • iPhone 5, iPad Air
My Qualifications:

  • I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator for many years
  • My current job is as a project manager for Intelligent Transportation Systems, including the development of several public and internal apps and mobile websites
  • I have worked as an App reviewer in the past
  • I am a picky ******* when it comes to apps... if something doesnt look/work right I will find it immediately haha
  • Been playing FF forever, commissioner of a league that is on year 16 and involves people flying in from all over the country for the draft.
Also, GO VOLS!

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I did this last year and wouldn't mind helping again. I'm Android only, but I have a good spread of devices. The older ones are still running older versions of Android if you want to test out how it will work on older versions of the OS.

-Nexus 7, Nexus 4, HTC Evo 3d, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S (the original)

As for qualifications, I've been playing FF for 15 years, once ran a FF based business that set up a crazy database able to track live scoring for pretty much every permutation of this hobby (Blastats, 2007-08), and I'm pretty much a phone nerd nowdays. Also, I wear my FBG's Beta Tester shirt in public, lol.

I currently do dynasty, redraft serpentine and auction leagues, so I would be testing all corners of the app. I do Daily Games too, if that has made its way in as well (Xs fingers).

Let me know you guys want me to test again, I'd be glad to do it.

I'd love to test again this year.

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Xperia Z Tablet, Apple Ipad, Iphone.

What I can bring to the Team: I have lots of free time and love to mock/mess around with FF stuff. I'm in a wide variety of FF leagues, so I would be looking at all different settings and capabilities of the app.

Hope to be considered!

Nexus 5.

Helped with the Beta Testing last season, and proud to say I found some pretty major bugs.

Willing to do that again for you

I would like the opportunity to test this if my devices are compatible.

I have a Nook HD+ that is rooted, Nook HD+ that is not rooted and a Motorola Maxx phone

I have been using the draft dominator and lineup dominator since I became a member at FBG.

I have been playing fantasy football for 15 years, playing dynasty, redraft, keeper and IDP

I have one of the original chromebooks that google sent out for testing and have beta tested that.

Looking forward to seeing if the features we have been asking for in draft dominator for a while now will be incorporated into the dew dominator

I'm in. I have an iPad 3 and an iPhone 4S. I've done software beta testing for 25 years; I know how to isolate and report bugs. I also play in an auction league with some funky parameters, which has led to me doing a lot of tweaking of the existing Dominator's handling of auction values, and getting an understanding of how they are calculated.

I also have some experience with UX design and am looking forward to DD getting out of the 20th century.


Nexus 5, Nexus 7

Software development background and helped BETA test last year and submitted a number of bugs that I found while QA'ing the app. Be great to help out FBG again!

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Please consider me to be a beta-tester.

- Devices that I can test on: iPad, iPhone 5

- What I would bring to the team

-- Played fantasy football since 1994, in at least three leagues since 1999 (and commissioner for one of the leagues)

-- Subscriber to Footballguys since the early 2000s

-- Use DraftDominator every year to prep for draft

I was a beta tester last year and was very responsive to the testing.

This year, I have TWO Android devices I can test on:

--Motorola Moto X

--Asus Nexus 7 tablet (2012)

Last year, there were some issues with the product on my Nexus 7. My involvement this year would give you a concrete, apples-to-apples check of the progress you've made with the apps, and an instant user-specific comparison of the differences seen on a phone and a tablet.

Both devices are running the latest versions of Android KitKat, and both have plenty of space for the apps.

I'm responsive, involved, a longtime FBG subscriber and have two devices ready for testing.

I'd love to be a part of the rollout in 2014.

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David, Joe and FBG team,

I would be honored and love to participate in the beta test process.


  • Blackberry, Iphone 5, Ipad, Itouch
My Qualifications:

  • I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator for prettty much every year of my fantasy resume.
  • Long time subscriber!
  • I play in a wide variety of leagues (yahoo, IDP, redraft, keeper)
  • My main money league is entering our 20th year, I a commish and owner (dynasty/contract).
  • Always wanted to help FBG in anyway I can.

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I would be willing to assist if needed.


  • IPhone 5 and 5S
  • IPad (First Gen)

  • 10+ years playing FF
  • Use Draft Dominator for last 4 years (at least 4 leagues per year including Dynasty, IDP, PPR, Standard, 2QB)
  • 10+ years quality experience at a software development company
I would like to be added as a beta tester.


Apple iPad (3rd version)

iPhone 5s

iPhone 4s


Lead Software Engineer for Fortune 500 company

15 yrs playing Fantasy Football

Used both Draft Dominator & Magazine app on both iPad/iPhone

Have used various draft software over the years including competitors

Wrote one for my company league! (Lotus Notes)

Some mobile development experience & almost 20 yrs worth of software testing experience

1. LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab2

2. I've been using the DD for about 6 or 7 years and I play in several leagues with a wide array of scoring systems. I understand how DD works and can put it through the ringer.

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iphone 4s, used the DD for years, would be happy to assist

also have ipad and ipod to test on as well

I currently have a Galaxy S3 and iPad2. Have been using the Draft Dominator for countless years. Would be happy to help on either platform. Although I would likely use the mobile app on the iPad, I can dedicate more time to testing on the Galaxy S3 phone. Let me know if I can help y'all out.

- Can test on Apple I-phone 5, I-phone (4s), i-pad mini (1st gen), nexus 5 (phone with most up to date android with no skins), and nexus 7 tablet (same as nexus 5)

- 15 years fantasy football experience. FBG member since 2006 with paid subscriptions so I know ins and outs with most of your stuff since it has come out. tested app last year. spend hours on phone daily. loves to break stuff.

Did the test last year and you guys used a few of my screen shots. I have a few dynasty drafts over the next couple of weeks and would like to try this out.

Nexus 10 Tablet

Chromebook (if applicable)

Droid Maxx Phone

Gentlemen, I am currently using an android EVO 4g, I also have an Amazon Kindle Fire. I feel I can bring attention to detail, and out of the box thinking to the team.

Devices I can test on: iPod, iPhone 4s, Samsung Tablet (not sure which one), iPad, iPad mini

What I bring to the team: I am enthusiastic about football, fantasy football and technology. I highly enjoy mock drafting and probably get in well over 100 mocks over the summer. I play in several redrafts every season and have a couple of dynasty squads too. I'm pretty tech savvy (work in technical support) but unfortunately not big on coding. I am a thorough note taker and highly organized though and follow directions very well.

The draft dominator is one of the main reasons I subscribe to FBGs every year and I would really enjoy helping beta test the mobile version. If not, I'm just glad it will finally be available.

Thank you for your consideration

Hi David,

I would love to help with your testing process if you're still looking for volunteers.

My Devices:

HTC One (Android)

Nexus 7 tablet (Android)

My Qualifications:

I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator, and Trade Dominator.

I'm a huge FBG supporter and try to keep up with all the content as best I can. Would love to help out with this product.

Thanks for your consideration and let me know if you need any other info.


Hello again :)

I was a part of last years beta test, which was a ton of fun. I'd love to participate again

The devices I can test on are: Samsung Galaxy S4(Android)

What would I bring to the team: The experience of a software engineer that is constantly testing programs for bugs. I am also a HUGE fan of FBG, probably listened to every podcast for the last 9 months.

Thanks guys!



I would love to test the new Draft GM and FBG Magazine apps. I used them on my iPhone & iPad last year (really loved the iPad version).

I can test the app on the following devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad (3rd Generation Retina Display)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  • iPod Touch (retina Display iOS 7)
My Qualifications:

  • I have used the Draft GM and FBG Magazine apps before.
  • 8 Years experience with FFB including Dynasty & Redraft leagues
  • Bachelor of Arts in IT from Suny Albany
  • Search Specialist with a focus in SEO. SEO includes knowledge of User Experience best practices which is critical for new mobile applications.
  • Programming experience with a little bit of everything ( java, javascript, SQL, Cobol, html, and I just started taking online classes Objective C)
  • https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jeremy-waszak/48/965/13a
I would bring actual developer experience to the team including knowledge of User Experience best practices.

Thanks for your consideration,

Jeremy W.

I'd be happy to help.

My device:

iPhone 4S


I run the QA dept at an web-based retailer using Responsive Web Design.

Used FBG mobile apps (as much as I could) last year.

Streamlined my FF to two live drafts (no more online drafts); one serpantine re-draft (12 years) and one length-of-TD dynasty w/trade-able future draft picks (19 year).

Lemme know!

Hi David, I would love to help you guys on this project since I helped you last year on the draft GM and I think that worked out well.

Devices I have access too:

* Samsung III phone

* iphone 5

* Samsung 3 tablet

* Samsung 4 tablet

* ipad mini

Count me in! I also beta tested for the mobile app last year. I've been a software developer for the past 7 years so I know a thing or two about breaking code.

I can test on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPad Air. Also could fire up an old Motorola Droid if you're trying to test on an ancient device.

I am interested in participating in the mobile beta test. Please feel free to send me a survey and I would describe which devices I would be testing on, my background with beta testing, and experience as a programmer.

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

I would be honored to test your new Draft Dominator app. I have been using DD on my PC for about 8 years now and rave about it to everyone.

I currently have an iPhone 5.

I have been playing FF for about 12 years and a subscriber of Football Guys for about 8 years. I usually play in a minimum of 3 leagues and have been a comish several times. I have played mostly 10 team redraft but play in one 12 or 14 team league which is usually has unique scoring/setups and will be doing my 3rd year in 1 league that includes 3 defensive positions.

Thank you,


I have an LG Optimus G Android phone to test the app.

I have been with FBGs for over a decade now. I was once a recapper, street teamer, and blogger. I participated in several of the FBG sponsored Ultimate Survivor contests in the last ten years. I anually lose all the Mock Draft subforum's survivor leagues.

I've been putting the draft dominator through its paces for years now. I'm a naturally curious tinkerer that enjoys diving into settings and fully using every feature in the product. I believe in fully testing all the code in an app, and will explore and test every dusty corner and musty subbasement.

Put me in coach I'm ready to play.


I'd like to be a beta tester for the upcoming new revision of the Footballguys mobile apps. I can provide testing on the following devices: HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S3 (US, Verizon), Google Nexus 10 tablet, Apple iPod touch (4th generation, iOS 6.1.6). I can bring to the team my background as a business process analyst so I'm very familar with the testing process, which includes designing/following test scripts and submitting test results. On the fantasy football side I've been a Footballguys member since 2005 and each year have put the Draft Dominator through its paces and I run multiple mock drafts for the multiple leagues I'll end up using Draft Dominator to assist in my real drafts. I enjoyed being a beta tester last year and would like to do so again this year.


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I would love to help test this app.

I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air

I have used Draft Dominator for 6+ years.

I have created my own spreadsheets using data from FBGs to create an uber player analysis tool.

Most of the time spent in my career is used to analyze data, find new ways to interpret data, and de-bug data.



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I was apart of this last year as well and would love to join. Not as highly qualified as others but I've taken a programming class in university.

Have used the draft dominator the last 2 years(countless drafts, mock and real). I know all the features, the setup and such pretty much inside and out.


Iphone 4

Iphone 5

iPad Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5


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Would love to help out again, was able to find and report a few bugs last year.

Devices I can test on: Samsung Galaxy S4 (S5 coming soon if work would get around to approving my upgrade), Droid Bionic. Note 2 and iPhone 4.

And as stated earlier, definitely sport my shirt in public :thumbup:

I'd love to participate in the beta testing. I can't offer much in the way of software writing or programming experience, but I am the commissioner of my keeper league and have been playing fantasy football for 14 years.

I own an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air that I could do beta testing on, and I am very familiar with the draft dominator from using the one that I download from the website each year.

I'd be interested in participating in the beta testing. I've been in software development for 15 years.

I have a galaxy S4, Nexus 7 and galaxy tab 2

I have a Samsung mega 6.3(I527-android version 4.2.2) and a Kindle Fire HDX(8.9") to test it on.

I have been playing FF since 1996 in various formats.

I am currently in 2 leagues- No Mercy Football Great White & Great American FF lg with Carl Zeutzius. Won both SB last year.
Currently a Governor of No Mercy Football(est. 13 yrs ago) with Buenodero.
I was a blogger for FBG's for several years.
I have beta tested games for Zynga in the past.
I have also used the DD computer version since its inception.

Thanks for the opportunity,

John McDill
Cobalt Cruisin'

IPhone 5s and IPad Air, I was scared to use my ipad last year so used DD on laptop like always.

I want to use my ipad this year let me test o

It and help others calm fears

Would love to give it a shot at helping you guys out. I love everything you guys do for us followers.

For devices I own:

Samsung Galaxy s4 and Samsung Galaxy tab 3

  • I am really into fantasy football (like it's a religion)
  • Always doing fantasy research and on my phone all day
  • In college for computer programming so I know how to try and make apps break
  • Would be more then thrilled to help you guys out
thank you for your consideration

I am interested.

IPhone 5; I work as a field analyst in IT, so I am very familiar with system engineers asking us to "break" their apps and patches, and I have used many FFB tools over my 14 years of playing the game.


I'd be happy to help. I can test with an iPad 2, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. If needed, I can probably pry away an iPhone 3GS from my daughter for some quick testing.

My Qualifications: I helped test last year and made several reports. I work in the IT industry developing software, so I have a technical background. I've used the desktop Draft Dominator in my drafts for a long time, so I'm familiar with the product and it's uses.

FWIW, David, Android v 4.4.3 is on the verge of release as shown by a changelog on the google servers

Nexus 5 users will be the first to get this update by months over other devices.

*cough cough*

you know you wanna test it on the newest Android OS

I would like to be a part of the beta again this year if possible.

I can test with a Samsung Ativ S Neo, which is a Windows 8.1 phone and can also test with a Kindle Fire HD.

Last year I used an HTC EVO (android), so the Windows Phone would be a new experience. Sent several reports last year and I also use the desktop version of DD. Funny thing was, I was never able to get the draft reports to print out after running a mock. Hopefully that will be smoothed out this year. I'll be happy to try and break your app.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I'm interested in testing out the new mobile application.

I have 5s, ipad2, android phone, win 8 tablet, ipad mini, various ipod touches.

I work as a quality assurance manager and thus am used to prepping for and completing various test efforts. Furthermore, I write for tech and entertainment blogs where i review software (and write about the NFL) and thus have probably the exact experience you're looking for.

Furthermore, I've been a footballguys subscriber and DdraftDominator (as well as several other available tools) user for many years.

Would love to help out.


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