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Better Career - Harrison v Dawkins (1 Viewer)

Better Safety?

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Yeah, this is inspired by the Harrison thread. I wonder how much of a Hall look this guy would get if he didn't sign on to the Pats. Dawkins has had his share of big playoff games as well. As a Falcons fan, I've seen him make Alge Crumpler a non-factor pretty much every time we played the Eagles. And I want to know the opinions of serious football fans on which DB has been better this decade.

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I am probably biased, as an Eagles fan, but I voted Dawkins. He never took performance enhancing drugs to be a great player.

C'mon! Marvin's a first-ballot HOF'er. Richard's best work was 30 years ago, in Hogan's Heroes. No contest!

Harrison easy IMO.

30/30, 2-Rings, more big plays in big games than Dawkins.

Don't get me wrong, I think Dawkins is a great player. I just don't think he is better than Rodney Harrison.

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