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Big Announcement - Get a FREE Year of Footballguys Insider Subscriptio (1 Viewer)

It says VISA ONLY (MasterCard and others please use PayPal). Clicking on the PayPal link does nothing but go back to previous page, not to PayPal. :shrug:

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Just joined...I'm not sure why every FBG wouldn't do this? At the very least you save 3 bucks and get a 25 buck freeroll.

Thanks for the offer Joe/David. :thumbup:

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The paypal links do not work, so I cannot deposit any money. No Visa card.

David? Joe?

Emailed their support, but if will take so long (48 hours?) to get a subscription here, I will pass. Pretty much want in for the subscriber contest.

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Tried to do this, only to end up with my bank account temporarily frozen. I have a MC debit card, and fanduel routes that via Paypal....bank sees transaction as occuring in the UK???????

Why doesn't fanduel take MC? Are they really based in the UK? I shouldn't have to call my bank to get pre-authorization....somethings not right with the setup.

Late to the party, but also getting the "not eligible" message.
Same thing here. Furthermore, I'm a little worried about following the advice in post #135:
We sent an email to all of you. FanDuel tweaked your accounts.You can get the deal (if you have never deposited money) by doing these things:Go to FanDuel.com and log-in.Click the "Add funds" button in the top right corner (You should see the FBG deposit boxes when you click add funds because you are now tagged appropriately).Add $25 or more and you are scheduled to get your free subscription (within 48 hours)
I don't have a record of the email (probably deleted it long ago). Clicking "Add Funds" does not show anything obviously unique to FBG. There is an option for deposit $25 and get $10 bonus + eligible for freerolls, but it doesn't explicitly note any connection to FBG. Is that the right thing to see? I had fun with the freerolls last year, but never deposited extra funds.Thanks for any advice...-Don
Just got done talking with FanDuel here.

Some good and bad news.

The bad news is if you have deposited money before with FanDuel, you are not eligible for this offer. This is offered as a one-time signup bonus for new accounts.

For people though that signed up for freerolls without ever depositing money, we have much better news:

FanDuel is going to manually change their past affiliate tags to the current one we are using with this promo: FBG. That means if they deposit now, they will qualify for the subscription. Once they deposit, they'll get the "Footballguys success!" page alerting them that they've qualified for the subscription.

The FanDuel develpment team will need to make this tweak tonight though so please wait until Wednesday or later if this is your situation.
I had already purchased my 2012 subscription when I made my initial deposit at Fanduel. I thought a 2013 subscription was to be added on in such cases. When I try to login to FBG, it won't let me. What do I have to do to get my 2013 subscription?

I made a $100 deposit on Monday.

I didn't receive an immediate email from FBG stating that I had been renewed (as advertised).

Yesterday, I emailed FBG (subscriptions@footballguys.com) to inquire about my subscription--no response.

Can somebody at FBG help me access subscriber content for this season??


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