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"Football: The Fantasy" is a 16-team, ESPN-based Auction League now heading into its ninth season. From humble beginnings outside a trading card store in the pacific northwest, we have grown into a nationwide, competitive, balanced, and skill-intensive league for real fantasy enthusiasts.
Our auction system is supplemented with keepers, which we balance with current player values we pull from the Fantasypros premium auction calculator, adjusted specifically to our league settings. Unlike most dynasties and keeper leagues, new owners are on completely equal footing from day one.
This year our entry fee is $175 per team, we are gradually increasing this every year until we will be $1k per team in 2032. 100% of fees are returned as prize support. We are especially looking for owners that can stay with us for the long term and would be interested in joining us for our annual meetups in Las Vegas, but we don't require any commitment beyond the current season.

We also have an amazing championship belt, custom-made by Wildcat, the same company that produces the television belts used by WWE, AEW, and the UFC.
If this sounds like the league for you, DM me to join our discord channel to see our entire rules charter, chat with other owners, and arrange payment with The Commish.
We also offer a more casual auction league experience with our Tiny League, a $30, 20-team league that uses a "tiny" roster format and a robust waiver wire. Draft day for both leagues is Labor Day Monday. Who Dat and Happy Hunting!


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