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Bill Parcells (1 Viewer)


Bill Parcells is no doubt one of the greatest head coaches in the NFL. He made a living turning doormats into super bowl contenders, but his decline is getting ugly.83-90 Giants: high points, 2 Super Bowls93-96 Patriots: high point, Super Bowl appearance97-99 Jets: high point, AFC Championship Game appearance03-05 Boys: high point, Wild Card Playoff Game appearance2006- ???: high point, post season dis-appearanceOne could argue his post season record is 11-7 with two Super Bowls, but if you look at his post season record since the Pats until now (93-99;03-05), he's 3-4.The Cowboy team he had this year was probably the best out of his 3 years there and now he fails to get them into the playoffs. not getting any better...


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