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Bills vs Jets - Week 10 (1 Viewer)

Matt Barkley to Robert Foster for 47 yards and then McCoy rushing for a 28 yard TD for the first two plays for the Bills is exactly how everyone thought this one would play out.

Bills on pace for 744 yards of offense after 1 quarter. Jets on pace for 4 yards of offense. 

I see no reason why this won't be the case.

Matt Barkley may be better than Peterman, Allen, and Anderson combined.
In all seriousness, Barkley should absolutely be the backup to Allen the rest of the year and they should look to bring him back next year. He already looks way better than Peterman and is less likely to get hurt than Anderson.

Yet another illegal formation/shift penalty for the Bills. It's insane how many times they've had pre-snap penalties like that. Unacceptable.

This is not going according to plan. The Bills need to get Peterman in the game ASAP.

I wouldn't be surprised if Beane cuts Barkley at halftime.

How can the jets have the ball for only 5 minutes against probably the worst team in the last 50 years. The AFC east is pathetic.

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I've been waiting so long to see Matt-Barkley-to-Dion-Dawkins.  You can't gameplan around that combination.
It's kind of crazy watching a QB in a Bills uniform actually able to read a defense and then not hesitate to pull the trigger. They haven't had someone who did that in a long long time.

Glad I played the pathetic jets defense against a qb who shouldn't be starting for most high school teams. Bowles needs to be fired.

Teams spend years, high draft picks, and millions of dollars looking for their qb of the future. And Buffalo apparently gets to just sign theirs off the couch for essentially free. 

I'm tempted to give to the Peterman GoFundMe now
As soon as the Bills announced Barkley as their starter this week it became clear that Peterman will be cut as soon as one of Allen or Anderson is cleared to play. He seems like a good guy, he just happens to be an historically bad NFL QB.

The Bills are so frustrating. Yeah, they're up by 28 points, but rather than packing it in, turtling and going run run run punt, why not keep running a normal offense and get some more work in for those really young receivers and Jason Croom? Who cares if you even win this game? Work on developing the young players.

Nice reference to McCown's kid's JV team. Good friend's kid is the TE on that team (Myers Park). Josh actually used to live in our neighborhood and coach at Marvin Ridge. Apparently he's a really great guy. Glad he's sucking today though.


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