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Bills Vs Patriots - Week 16 (1 Viewer)

Bills wide receiver drops a perfect pass on 3rd down, Bills 4th punter of the year gets off hiss second terrible punt and the Patriots pick on the UDFA rookie WLB (in place of the injured Milano) all the way down the field for a touchdown.


ETA: And of course Pats get the TD on a questionable call from the officials.

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Bills get lucky and recover a fumble after not being able to even come close to stopping New England's running game.

Robert Foster blew that. That was a good back shoulder throw that Foster should have caught.

These announcers are idiots. That throw from Allen was a TD if Foster makes the right adjustment.

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And man, that was likely a TD for Thompson if the defender didn't straight up tackle him from behind while the ball was in the air.

Wow, McKenzie got interfered with big time in the endzone. How do the refs not see that!?

And Logan Thomas promptly lets a TD go through his hands.

Sigh. Just too many injuries on defense for the Bills. Rafael Bush on Edelman in the slot is a total mismatch and Edelman in for a fluky TD.


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