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Billy McMullen (1 Viewer)


I'm curious as to how Seahawk homers (or anyone who watched Seattle play all the time) views McMullen and his potential. He's currently the starter at split end with Branch at flanker and Engram in the slot. The flanker in a Holmgren offense always puts up big numbers so Branch, if healthy, has a lot of potential. Engram is Mr. Reliable in this offense. He runs good routes, has good hands and Hasselbeck arguably trusts him more than any other WR on the team. It's likely those two players will command the lions share of the targets when both are able to play. Plus, TE John Carlson has been impressive early.

But the starting split end in a Holmgren offense shouldn't be a slouch. If this offense is functioning and the starter has just a decent amount of talent, that player should put up decent numbers at worst. We saw that last season with Burleson. The downside is that with Branch and Engram dominating the receptions, there could be a lot of down weeks for the split end. Burleson, for example, had eight games last season with one reception or two.

So far this year McMullen has put up the following numbers in two games with Seattle:



Solid numbers but those, of course, were without Branch and Engram.

I didn't see both Seahawk games so I'm interested in getting any homers' views on how he looked and all that. Is this a potential sleeper or just another guy at WR?


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