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Blockbuster: Trading Mahomes away (1 Viewer)


0.5 PPR. Been offered:

Hunter Henry

For my


My team:

  • Mahomes, Richardson
  • Waddle, McLaurin, Doubs, Diontae Johnson, JSN, Josh Reynolds
  • CMC, Brian Robinson, J Taylor, Spears, E Mitchell
  • Musgrave

My WRs and TEs are killing me.

  • I hope Waddle rebounds but McLaurin is pretty meh. Doubs has been nice but with Watson/Musgrave/Jones back will his targets stay high? Diontae is still out for a few more weeks. JSN has been a ghost. I'm going to drop Reynolds soon.
  • Musgrave looked good prior to the concy but similar to Doubs, lots of mouths to feed.

Thoughts on this specific trade offer? If you don't like it from my side, who do you think I should look to move with Mahomes / who to target (TE or WR)?

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