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Bob Sanders could be out 6 weeks.... (1 Viewer)

Bob Sanders Could be out 6 Weeks

Ehh, not good for the Colts. Anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and may also undergo arthroscopic knee surgery (clean-up) while recovering from the ankle injury to kill 2 birds with one stone.
Who benefits from this in terms of increased production? I was thinking one candidate might be Freddy K. Any homers out there know the Indy defense well enough to hazard a better guess? As usual, one man's injury is another man's opportunity.
I've had bob sanders on my team for as long as i can remember and I remember about 2 years ago when he got injured (as he does every year)... and picked up bethea because he started for him.. guy turned out to be a IDP monster and then wound up starting next to him the next season. Pick up bethea asap.

Good info here you guys. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of tackles for Indy defenders, particularly the back seven, in the next few weeks.


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